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My teaching philosophy is inspired by the great teachers I had, such as the late Prof Peter Lipton (Cambridge). From lecturers like Lipton, I learned that it is essential to be crystal clear at all times; to use evidence, anecdotes and examples to which students can easily relate; and that learning is most effective when it is fun. I encourage student engagement through various techniques: developing interactive methods to illustrate concepts, using props or creative ways of initiating debate, instructing them to work in groups on a particular case study, and simply asking students to volunteer their own answers to a question in order for them to think about the issue themselves before revealing what scholars have stated thus far. I give students tools, knowledge, and opportunities to question whatever is before them. Through memorable, humorous and creative interactivity, I enact my belief that critical thinking and analysis should be part of every aspect of teaching.

2016 Australian Award for University Teaching – Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

2016 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Education – Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (Early Career), ANU

2015 Colleges of Science Award – Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (Early Career), ANU

2015 Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

I currently teach Applied Ethics; and Ethics, Law and Professionalism in the School of Medicine at Deakin University.

I welcome Masters and PhD students in the following areas:
Ethics and philosophy of gender