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Mental Health in the US is Suffering—Will It Go Back to Normal?

/ 9 September 2020 | Wired / By Grace Huckins / ‘Covid-19 has left lots of people feeling anxious and depressed. But it’s hard to untangle whether this is a normal response to a difficult situation or actual pathology.’ AFTER A PARTICULARLY devastating transport, Rosemary, an emergency medical technician who works in the Boston area, realized that […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / October 23, 2020 /In Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

‘We have to start with kids’: The rise of gender-neutral childrens’ clothing

/ 22 July 2017 | The Sydney Morning Herald / By Cat Rodie /   Seven-year-old Nicholas Demetriou hasn’t got time for gender stereotypes. He chooses clothes that he likes, regardless of whether he finds them in the girls’ section or the boys’. “[Nicholas] often chooses clothing with sequins, cats or glitter. And he loves wearing […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / July 22, 2017 /In Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

New Parents In the UK admit to feeling ‘Gender disappointment’ if their child is the ‘Wrong’ sex

/ 21 April 2017 | The Huffington Post / By Ellen Wallwork / ‘It’s worth remembering a child isn’t their gender.’ A quarter of mums in the UK admit to feeling ‘very disappointed’ if their child is the ‘wrong’ sex – ie. not the sex they’d hoped for. A further 3% said this affected their ability to […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / April 21, 2017 /In Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

‘Sexist’ labelling of premenstrual distress criticised

/ 12 September 2014 | The Sydney Morning Herald / By Natasha Boddy /   A Canberra researcher has criticised a “sexist” move by the American Psychiatric Association to classify a severe form of premenstrual syndrome as a psychiatric disorder. Dr Tamara Kayali Browne, a bioethicist from ANU’s Research School of Biology, said premenstrual dysphoric disorder […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / September 12, 2014 /In Newspaper and Magazine Interviews