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Vulnerability in Lockdown: Women and Agency During the Global Pandemic

/ 01 March 2022 | By Petra Brown and Tamara Kayali Browne / During the COVID-19 pandemic, many daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, and mothers found themselves with additional caretaking duties, and many were also vulnerable and unsafe in different constellations of relationships. Lockdown exacerbated this vulnerability. It also heightened stress, as vulnerable women were required […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / March 1, 2022 /In Commentaries and Responses

The problem with sex selection

/ 2016 | O&G Magazine, 18 (2): 38-39 / By Tamara Kayali Browne /   Sex selection is a controversial technology that allows people to select their biological children based on their sex. While NHMRC guidelines recommend against sex selection for non-medical reasons,these guidelines are currently under review, making a debate about this issue even more timely. (Throughout this article I shall use ‘sex […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / July 15, 2016 /In Commentaries and Responses

Why parents should not be told the sex of their fetus: a response to the commentaries

/ 2016 | Journal of Medical Ethics, 43 (1): 19-21 / By Tamara Kayali Browne /   Mikhalevich and Powell do not believe that the disclosure of fetal sex plays into or promotes gender essentialism. Yet many people hold gender essentialist beliefs. In studies conducted thus far, parental reasons for sex determination or sex selection often […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / July 11, 2016 /In Commentaries and Responses