Depression as unhomelike being-in-the-world? Phenomenology’s challenge to our understanding of illness

/ 2013 | Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, 16 (1): 31-39 / By Tamara Kayali Browne and Furhan Iqbal /   Fredrik Svenaeus has applied Heidegger’s concept of ‘being-in-the-world’ to health and illness. Health, Svenaeus contends, is a state of ‘homelike being-in-the-world’ characterised by being ‘balanced’ and ‘in-tune’ with the world. Illness, on the other hand, is a […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / May 14, 2013 /In Refereed Journal Articles

Female sexual dysfunction and disease mongering

/ 4 May 2013 | Psychology Today and The Huffington Post / By Tamara Kayali Browne /   A letter to Doctor Allen Frances Dear Doctor Frances: I suggest adding Female Sexual Arousal and Female Orgasms Disorders (FSD) to your recent list of the ten most problematic diagnoses in DSM-5. These have been heavily and misleadingly […]
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Forgotten ethics in canadian dementia care guidelines

/ 17 April 2013 | Impact Ethics / By Tamara Kayali Browne /   Tamara Kayali argues for the need for ethical guidelines surrounding the care of people with dementia in Canada. There are many ethical issues that clinicians currently face in relation to dementia care, and, if I were a clinician, it would be especially […]
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Making sense of melancholy: sub-categorisation and the perceived risk of future depression

/ 2012 | Health, Risk & Society, 14 (2): 171-189. / By Tamara Kayali Browne and Furhan Iqbal /   This paper investigates the relationship between an individual’s experience of depression and her conceptualisation of its role in her life and sense of identity. Based on a mixed methods study involving interviews with 37 women diagnosed with unipolar […]
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