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Relational Autonomy: Addressing the Vulnerabilities of Women in a Global Pandemic

/ 2022 | Lilith: A Feminist History / By Petra Brown and Tamara Kayali Browne / Covid-19 has exacerbated women’s vulnerabilities because Western neoliberal societies expect, support and celebrate individuals who embody and exercise an individualistic view of autonomy. In reality, however, many people, especially women, operate on a relational view of autonomy that mostly […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / May 4, 2023 /In Refereed Journal Articles

Gender – Ongoing debates and future directions

/ 28 July 2022 | The Routledge Handbook of Feminist Bioethics / By Tereza Hendl Tamara Kayali Browne / There are hardly any aspects of human lives that have not been influenced by what we call gender, including how people work, socialize, dress, play, think, move, parent and so on. But what is gender? Does […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / July 28, 2022 /In Book Chapters

Vulnerability in Lockdown: Women and Agency During the Global Pandemic

/ 01 March 2022 | By Petra Brown and Tamara Kayali Browne / During the COVID-19 pandemic, many daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, and mothers found themselves with additional caretaking duties, and many were also vulnerable and unsafe in different constellations of relationships. Lockdown exacerbated this vulnerability. It also heightened stress, as vulnerable women were required […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / March 1, 2022 /In Commentaries and Responses

Know Thyself: Jane Discovers the Value of Her Depression

/ 12 December 2020 | International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice / By Tamara Kayali Browne /   Western culture tends to view depression more often than not as something to be avoided and eradicated. Yet there are individuals who have been through the journey of depression, diagnosis and treatment who challenge this view. In […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / December 29, 2020 /In Book Chapters

Mental Health in the US is Suffering—Will It Go Back to Normal?

/ 9 September 2020 | Wired / By Grace Huckins / ‘Covid-19 has left lots of people feeling anxious and depressed. But it’s hard to untangle whether this is a normal response to a difficult situation or actual pathology.’ AFTER A PARTICULARLY devastating transport, Rosemary, an emergency medical technician who works in the Boston area, realized that […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / October 23, 2020 /In Newspaper and Magazine Interviews

Sad about having a boy not a girl? Your distress might be real but ‘gender disappointment’ is no mental illness

/ March 2020 | The Conversation / By Tereza Hendl and Tamara Kayali Browne/ In an age of gender-reveal parties, baby bumps on Instagram, and hyper-gendered toys and clothing, learning about a baby’s sex is big news. But having a boy rather than a girl, or vice versa, makes some people sad. Some label this “gender […]
by Tamara Kayali Browne / March 11, 2020 /In Opinion Pieces